Luming Yin. Java, iOS and Web Developer.

I am currently persuing a BCompSc degree at Georgia Tech with an anticipated graduation date of 2019. With the goal to build powerful software for creative professionals in the future, I stay sharp on understanding fundementals, such as customized data structures, algorithms, and matrix transformations, that would lead to my eventual goal.

As a tech lead in the GT iOS Club and a member of the GT WebDev Club, I am also interested in creating engaging and immersive experience for mobile and for the web.


  • Objective-C and Swift with Cocoa Touch (iOS) and Cocoa (macOS)
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Backend Node.js
  • Java and Java FX for Desktop GUI

Sample Works

Projects and apps I worked on.

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Hello, a magical place for duos.

Powered by the WebSockets protocol, users can stay in touch with the most important people in their lives with customizable font and bubbles, send stitched screenshots and auto-expiring photos, as well as mirror videos or sketches in real time.

WaterShed App

Collaboratively with fellow Android and Java developers, we've created a platform for users to locate, submit and share clean water sources. With a MVC design in mind, this cross-platform app to help users in developing countries locate clean water sources. The app features user authentication, Google Maps and iOS Mapkit integration, data persistence as well as a series of custom UI and UI animation.

Source for iOS

Source for Android

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Other Projects

rClickr makes it easy to remotely control presentations running on a Mac, while Speed Reader helps readers harness the power of silencing vocalization. SubtitleKit provided valuable assistance with bilingual video subtitle productions.

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